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The Warren Youth Soccer League is the oldest recreational league in the state of Michigan.  Mr. Wilhelm Buschmann was the innovator of the league.  He was born and raised in Germany and came to the United States in 1955.  In 1968, with the help and encouragement of Pastor Bringham and the congregation of Divinity Lutheran Church, Mr. Buschmann began teaching the boys from the church and surrounding areas the sport of soccer.  These boys comprised the league’s first team – The Warren Falcons.


By the spring of 1972, ten teams made up the ‘League’.  Mr. Buschmann and a few other men began to teach players in the gymnasiums of the Van Dyke Public Schools, while the schools erected goals on their playgrounds.  The men who assisted Mr. Buschmann with his ‘League’ were also the first soccer coaches for the league.  John Costello, Bill Finnie, l. Stankovich, Leslie Maddams, Jim Tirney, John Wilson, and Victor Sanhueza were the first to volunteer their time to the league and its players, as coaches.  Meetings were held at Mr. Buschmann’s home and thus a true league was formed – The Warren Youth Soccer League.


Today the league continues to teach the youth of Warren and the surrounding communities, the game of soccer.  During the leagues two seasons (fall and spring), 20 – 30 teams play at fields at Halmich park or fields located at the Warren Community Center on Arden.  At times over 1,000 youth players have used these fields during one of seasons, playing soccer – however also learning the meaning of team spirit, commitment, and hard work.


Each July the league also holds a soccer banquet, which recognizes and congratulates every player for their accomplishments during the past season.  Each player receives a trophy to represent this recognition with age groups from U7 through U15 being awarded 1st and 2nd place trophies.  However, it is the accomplishment of all the players – regardless of age group, regardless of standings, that is the focal point. It is for the children who wish to play the game that the league was formed and is why the league continues today.


As in any organization – however – help is always needed, as the events that the league holds do not happen automatically.  It takes people – people who will step up and volunteer for the youth who play - people who wish to see the league continue.  Please take a moment to consider what you could do to help.


For additional information on the league and what events are taking place visit the leagues web site at You can also contact the league’s board members, (their e-mail addresses are available on this site), for further information, or to ask what you may do to help.


Warren Youth Soccer League
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