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Oct, 2022


Good afternoon coaches,

The Board has received several communications regarding some issues that arose during games last week.  We will discuss in depth some of those issues at your meeting on Thursday the 20th.  However, we would like to cover one at this time.  The Board strongly requests that each coach strongly communicates to their team and their parents that when coming to a game or leaving to return to their cars after a game - they do not cross over other fields that are conducting games or practices.  They are to use the areas between fields and goals to do so, no exception.

In addition the Board wishes to remind everyone - and most should already be aware of this - the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) each season is given the same authorization as the WYSL to use the fields at Halmich and the Warren Community Center.  There will be times that both organizations have programs going on at the same time.  Again, the Board strongly wants our League to be respectful to those others using the fields and not cross over them when coming to or leaving your games.

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation in getting this message out to your teams and parents.

WYSL Board