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Apr, 2021


April 27th, 2021

Opening Day observations and thoughts

Good afternoon parents, coaches, and teams!

Wow we finally had games!  Our Spring season is really happening!  The enthusiasm, the excitement, the energy that one saw last night shows those points were not lost during the past year.  They are alive and well!!

Coaches were giving instructions.  Parents were giving encouragement to their players and teams!  This is what youth soccer is all about.  This is what has been missing for the past year, however not any longer.  Congratulations to all the teams playing.  Enjoy your season.

We wish to commend the coaches for working with their teams and following the guidelines/directives set by the Michigan Youth Soccer Associations Return to Play directives.  Players all had their masks on.  They had them on warming up and playing.  It appeared some had some issue keeping them on correctly, however that may be just an adjustment or maybe using a different type of mask.  Bottom line they were being used and used correctly.

Coaches and their staff had their masks on.  Despite the issue of trying to give encouragement and instruction to their players the masks were on.  Great job!

Parents were practicing social distancing as much as possible.    The 2 spectators per player seemed a little lax but the distancing was there.  It is not easy; however, we need to do so, and it appeared you were.  Thank you, parents.

If there was a disappointment, not all parents/spectators were wearing a mask as is required.  Parents, we realize that there are many viewpoints to what is going on.  We realize that many have different opinions on what should or should not be done.  At the end of the day, we the Warren Youth Soccer League must follow the guidelines set forth in the RtoP steps listed with MSYSA.

On our Facebook page we have posted the MSYSA’s 3 strike rules.  We do not wish to see any team become involved in that process.  Not wearing a mask may be your opinion, however all it really will do is put your team and the League in jeopardy.  Teams are already posted on MSYSA’s web site as they have advanced to strike 2.  We do not want any team or our League to even get to strike 1.  Please remember, think of your player and your team.  More is at stake then opinions.  Wear a mask.

Let us all enjoy this season and build upon it so we can move forward with more seasons and more excitement.   For the good of the game and those that play,