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Mar, 2020


Hello to our soccer families.

First we would like to extend our hope that everyone is Safe and Healthy.   These are rapidly changing times and we must all work together to over come this crisis.  Failure is not an option.

We have attempted to keep everyone informed as to the status of the League during this crisis and how the Local, State, and Federal directives effect us.  We hope that everyone has been reviewing our Face Book, this web site to keep up with the changing times.

We have been receiving calls from new players regrading the team they are on.  On March 19th we sent a mass message to our coaches to at the minimum contact their new players and inform them the team they are on and to let them know the venues (e.g. web site) to follow for information.  It appears that this has not taken place.

At 11:45 AM today we have again sent a mass message to all coaches to take this action.  We hope that this takes place.  We apologize for the lack of contact from your coach.  With all that is taking place some things may have been place "on the back burner".  However this is an important action our coaches need to do.

Again, we hope all of our soccer families are Safe and Healthy.  Together we will win!

For the good of the game and those that play,

WYSL Board