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Mar, 2021

A memo to our League coaches and families

March 30, 2021

Good Morning,

First, I hope you and your families are doing well and staying safe.  Our Spring 2021 season is fast approaching, and I want to take a moment to touch base with you on some issues that we will be facing this season.  Soccer this season will not be as it has been in the past.  However, soccer will be played, and we all need to understand the directives which we will be playing under.

First, and for most (this is for 14U teams), a new directive has been issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and that the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) – which we are an affiliated member – is requiring us to follow.  Beginning April 2nd, 2021 weekly testing for covid 19 is required for all athletes ages 13 to 19 for participation in organized sports, including youth soccer.  As an affiliated member we must inform the MSYSA of our intentions with respect to this testing.  The WYSL will be confirming that we will require players in that group (13 to 15 in our League) to obtain a weekly test and forward the results to the League prior to playing.  If they are not done, ”MSYSA affiliated activities for these athletes will cease unless a new, or amended, MDHHS Emergency Order permits otherwise.”  (From memo dated March 26, 2021 by Tom Faro – Executive Director of the MSYSA)

John Messing and Kerry were on a conference call with the MSYSA on Friday the 26th and felt that in Tom Faros’ opinion the directive would not be extended after the April 19th end date.  He felt that this directive was in place to counter spring break effects.  Non the less this directive will begin on April 2nd, 2021, and though our season will begin after the 19th if you hold practices in this time those players 13 or older on your team – must have a test prior to any practices you hold.  If a player plays sports in school and is tested there – that will cover them for your team have the parents give you a copy of the test results.  If the directive is not extended – we will not have issues during our season, however, if is  extended the WYSL will direct you in  a course of action.

Secondly, and just as important, John and I have been on numerous conference calls with the MSYSA where Tom Far has been adamant when discussing masks.  There is no exception – all players are required to wear a proper mask while playing and wear it properly – covering both mouth and nose.  If a player does not, they do not play.  In addition, all spectators/parents along with coaches must also wear a mask and social distance – again no exceptions.  Those who do not will be required to leave the field.  Coaches we ask that you plan now to ensure this takes place.

In conjunction with the above, the WYSL has 2 waivers  that will need to be signed.  One by parents and one by coaches.  The original must be returned to the League for our records.  IN ADDITION, the MSYSA also has a waiver that MUST be signed BY BOTH THE PLAYER AND PARENTS.  If they do not the player does not play.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Kerry is working on a way to get these to you prior to the season.  Again, please begin to make plans on completing these and returning all originals to the League.  We are currently working on a plan to gather these and will let you know.

Coaches, our players need to play their game.  Tom Faro, his staff, and the Board of Directors of the MSYSA have worked extremely hard this past year to ensure that soccer is back on the pitch.  We must do everything in our power to ensure that happens by following these directives to the letter.  In addition, Kerry has worked extremely hard to get a spring season together for our League.  Let us not let all that work go to waste.  Please get a plan together.  In addition, I highly recommend that you visit the MSYSA web site and review all the Covid 19 information there.

In closing also please review your Risk Management status and ensure you are current and that you are also current with the Safe Sports program.

This has been a lengthy memo, but we needed to get everyone on the same page.

For the good of the game and those that play,