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Feb, 2021

Continuing 2021 updates

Good Morning coaches and soccer families.

I wanted to touch base with everyone on updates per the Zoom called we had with the MSYSA this past Friday.

Our Spring season for 2021 is still a go.  Kerry is busy assembling registration information and has posted messages concerning her needs from you.  We had hoped to have an on line registration process for the Spring, however after a conference call Kerry participated in, Got Soccer will be changing its own processes for the 2021 - 2022 fiscal soccer year, so it is better that we continue as is for now.

The major point for our registration process is for all coaches to get in contact with Kerry as to your teams status for the spring and getting your players info to her.  Remember, unless you have players that received a refund, all fees paid back in the Spring of 2020 still stand for the upcoming 2021 Spring.  Again if you have questions, contact Kerry.

Regarding the game - The MSYSA has posted on their web site a RTP (Return to Play) Chart that has been updated as of 2/4/2021 vs the latest emergency order under MCL 333.2253 of 2/4/2021 by the MDHHS department.  The State Association is now in their phase 5.5.  I strongly recommend that all coaches log on to the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association web site and print out and read this document.  Many questions as to the how can be answered here.

One big issue is that ALL players MUST wear masks during the game.  That means covering not only their mouth but also their nose.  There are no deviations to this.  Coaches on the sidelines and fans also must wear them correctly and practice social distancing.  Tom indicated that the State Office receives notices of non compliance and will enforce with a 3 strike rule on repeat offenders.

Can we determine if this will be in effect for Spring?  No - however we need to proceed as wearing masks will be a must and enforced.  Tom indicated also that referees will not be the "mask police".  It is up to all coaches and staffs to lead by example.  His plain answer is MASK UP.  He also noted that referees are now considered participants and must now also wear masks during the game.

Again, referees will not police the mask issue it is up to the coach to do so.  Having said that - the Board asks that you begin looking at your team and parents. What process will you need to use to ensure 100% compliance.  You do not want to have a game forfeited or the season canceled due to someone not following the guidelines set forth by the MSYSA.  Further - we do not want to be the source that causes the MSYSA to halt the season due to non-compliance.

Working together we can enjoy the game again.  Yes, it will be different, however our players need to get on the field to play their game.  We must improvise, adapt, and overcome - so we all may do so.

We will continue to update you as new information comes to us.  In the mean time prepare for the Spring, get with Kerry on your registration and any questions.

In closing - please do not forget about your Risk Management and Safe Sports qualifications.  Let's get them up to date.

As always - For the good of the game and those that play,