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Jul, 2020


Hello Coaches and coaching staffs,

First, we would hope everyone, and their families are doing well and staying safe.

The Board had a Zoom call on the 16th and we would like to bring everyone up to speed as to where the League stands with games for a fall season.

However - first – the MSYSA had a conference call on the 10th.  Most of what was covered pertained to travel and the return to train (R2T) now taking place with those teams/clubs.  Tom did touch base on recreational soccer and felt that recreation had the most flexibility when looking at modifications to the game.  E.g. no heading no throw-ins – to name a few.  He indicated if the Fall Season took place, the game would be different. He also indicated that the MSYSA is working with U of M regarding current events and processes that need to be done.  Another call was held on Friday July 24th.  Though most again was for Leagues/Clubs with travel, Tom did make a note on dates for decisions on the Fall season.  No games or scrimmages will be allowed until September 1st.  Then based on any new directives a “concrete “ decision will be made on 9/15 with a go or no go, or possible shortened season.  Bottom line due to the continued growth in numbers vs the virus we are still in a very dark shade of gray as to a Fall Season.

Now to the Leagues Board call.   We covered the State information as it pertained to us.  Kerry covered our teams and registration issues.  We already have had refund requests.  With these current refunds, trying to come up with enough teams in certain age groups will be a challenge to say the least.  As it stands now there may not be enough teams for 7U or 15U divisions.

One of our Board members works in a hospital and has flown to Texas to assist at a hospital there.  They do not believe that this virus will be at a point where play can happen without real concerns this fall.  We have had contact with the Warren Parks and Recreation Dept. rep who has taken John Grassi’s position as John retired on July 5th.  He confirmed we would have fields however must follow their guidelines on field usage, which they have yet to finalize.

After a round table discussion with all Board Members it was felt we needed to ensure to our families that we are here to have seasons, however we need most of all to look at the welfare of all of our soccer families while on the pitch.  Considering the most current word from MSYSA and the current situation in Michigan concerning  COVID-19 it was unanimously decided that we would not play this Fall.

This decision does not come easy.  We want our players out playing the game.  We want the companionship, the competition, the learning – however we do not want these things at the cost of someone’s health.

Coaches – we need input from you as to your individual team and parents.  Will they be good with the fees paid already for the past Spring 2020 season being held for the Spring 2021 season?    Doing so would greatly help when Kerry begins the task of getting everyone in the proper age matrix group without having to schedule a total team registration time.  Please use the following address – [email protected] to give your opinions on the refund issue.

We are looking to have a League Zoom call soon so we can discuss the points above as a group. 

In closing – we did not take this decision lightly.  We hope our soccer families understand that it was made with the welfare of all our soccer players, coaches, and families in mind.

For the good of the game and those that play

Your WYSL Board of Directors